Known as George Washington’s hometown, Alexandria is an historic city located in Virginia, situated along the bank of the Potomac River. Today, Alexandria, Virginia is probably best known for being a prominent location featured on the hit television show The Walking Dead, but there’s much more to this Virginia city. Alexandria’s historic center is known as Old Town and is a major point of interest for Alexandria residents. Old Town is lined with local businesses and is pedestrian friendly. In fact, much of the Alexandria area is walkable, making it an excellent choice of residence for people who prefer a quiet walk over a quick drive.

Only 7 miles south of Washington DC, many of the residents of Alexandria work in the capital, mostly in federal civil service positions, military positions and as private contractors for companies that work for the federal government. As a matter of fact, the US Department of Defense is one of the largest employers in Alexandria, Virginia.

In addition to having a significant historic presence, Alexandria also has a huge nightlife scene. Homes in Alexandria cover the spectrum – from affordable to lavish, there are homeowner opportunities for just about everyone. Alexandria is always welcoming new residents as it continues to grow and hold its place as one of the most influential cities in the greater Virginia area.

Alexandria Culture

Alexandria, Virginia has a strong historic background that shines through the city’s collective culture. There are a number of museums as well as cultural and historic sites for Alexandria residents to explore. Old Town holds a number of exhibits, public programs and special time-limited events for Alexandria residents to enjoy.

There are a number of places in the city to learn more about Alexandria’s history, including the Alexandria African American Heritage Park. The park features a number of memorial sculptures, with the most prominent being a set of bronze trees entitled “Truths That Rise From The Roots Remembered.” It’s meant to represent the contributions of African American Alexandrians that helped shape the growth of the city.

Other sites of interest include the Alexandria Archeology Museum, Black History Museum, the Alexandria Lyceum, and many more. Each one of these buildings is open to the public, and helps offer a complete picture of the city’s heritage, from racial history and understanding to archeological achievements. Residents of Alexandria are encouraged to visit and learn about their city’s past.

Alexandria Arts

Alexandria also has a strong connection to the arts. The Office of the Arts supports artistic growth in the city by providing investments and opportunities to local artists and art organizations, with the end goal of creating a more vibrant community within Alexandria. Throughout the city, there are a number of public art displays, both permanent and temporary. This is due in a large part to the Implementation Plan that was enacted in 2012 to encourage public art around the city. The plan provides finances and resources to aid in the development of artistic growth around the city.

True to its name, the Torpedo Factory Art Center used to be a munitions plant, before it was turned into an arts studio in 1974. Today, it stands as the nation’s largest number of publicly accessible working art studios under one roof. A number of residential artists work in the art center and interact with visitors across 82 studios and 7 galleries.

Visual arts aren’t the city’s only claim to fame, however. The Old Town Farmers Market is open every Saturday and provides vendors an opportunity to sell all manner of things, from home grown fruits and vegetables to decorative items such as potted plants, soaps, fabric arts and even paintings.