Manassas is an independent city located in the commonwealth of Virginia. Manassas has a historic downtown section that is perfect for exploring, shopping and taking in the history of the city. Housing in manassas is much more affordable than in other parts of North Virginia, but that doesn’t mean moving to Manassas is a compromise in any way. In fact, over the last few years, crime in the city has gone down significantly.

One of the largest employers in Manassas is Micron Technology, which is a manufacturor of semiconductors. They have their wafer factory in the city, with over 1,500 residents being employed there. Other large employers include Lockheed Martin, the Novant Prince William Health System and the Manassas Regional Airport.

With a number of town centers, many areas in Manassas are close together, making this an easy place to live. The city is very pedestrian-friendly and has a number of important historical sites from the mid-1800’s, including being the site of the first major land battle of the civil war, the first battle of Manassas, also known as the first battle of bull run. The city prides itself on being both an important historical area, as well as having a modern, forward-thinking culture.

Manassas Museum

The Manassas Museum was founded in 1972, a year before the town’s centennial. As a way of celebrating, the town began assembling artifacts for a trial museum, using another North Virginia museum as inspiration. With the help of local volunteers, the local downtown space was outfitted with a number of objects for display. The museum was a huge success and over time, its collection continued to grow. Being in a historic North Virginia city, the Manassas Museum found a welcoming home amidst the city’s residents.

Today, the Manassas Museum has a number of interactive displays and educational opportunities for both children and adults interested in learning more about local history. The museum is also a source of economic growth for the city, encouraging and promoting tourism to Manassas. Much like the city itself, the museum is always expanding and growing, with new exhibits being added all the time. Both tourists and Manassas residents are encouraged to come learn more about the city’s history, dating back from Native American settlers all the way to present day events.


The city of Manassas has a strong artistic culture, with art popping up across the historic downtown region. In addition to these little bits of art, there are a number of art galleries residents can explore, local art hung in many local businesses, a Banner Art competition and art events like Gallery Walk and Paint Manassas, during which artists are encouraged to compete in landscape painting competitions for cash prizes. There are a number of other similar events throughout the year, including the Battle of the Artists.

Manassas also has a new sculpture project started in coordination with Northern Virginia Community College. The City of Manassas arts group has been working with the college to promote public art across the city, and to allow art students to showcase their creations to the public. Naturally placed throughout the city, a walk around Manassas will be filled with art from a number of student sculptures.

For more on local art, residents can use the hashtag #ManassasArt on social media, as well as #littlebits for the small art pieces that have been popping up throughout downtown Manassas.