Located in Fairfax, Virginia, the town of Vienna has a particularly old world vibe. With a population of over 15,000, Vienna is a popular town in the Virginia and Washington DC areas. Ranked #3 in Money Magazine’s Top 100 Places To Live In The United States, residents of Vienna have access to high quality public schools, a downtown area that houses a number of local businesses, proximity to a nearby Washington Metro Station as well as a number of recreational and commercial areas to enjoy.

One of the earliest armed clashes of the civil war, the battle of Vienna, took place in the town. As a result, there are several historical markers in Vienna today that give details about the battle. Today, Vienna has enjoyed the growth brought in by the nearby metropolis, Tyson’s Corner, which has helped bring economic success and, as a result, population growth to the area.

Vienna is home to a number of married couples and families, and has access to a number of highly regarded schools at all levels, making it an excellent place to start or raise a young family. With its balance of old world values and a growing economic presence, Vienna has something for everyone.

Tysons, Virginia

Tysons, Virginia, formerly Tyson’s Corner, is a growing metropolis located in Fairfax, Virginia. While technically its own unincorporated community, Tysons has provided the residents of Vienna with extensive shopping opportunities, as well as significant commercial growth. Originally a small rural area, Tysons began growing in the 1960’s with the development of the Tyson’s Corner Shopping Center.

In modern times, as northern Virginia began to attract technology companies to the area, Tysons Corner exploded with traffic. It is currently engaged in a 40 year plan to urbanize Tysons around the four stops of the Washington Metro’s Silver Line. Tysons continues to grow and expand at a remarkable rate, making it a great source of job opportunities for residents of Vienna.

Today, Tysons functions as the downtown of the greater Fairfax County, and as the central business district of the county. Tysons is in fact the 12th largest employment center in the United States, with a great many of the businesses specializing in technologies. In fact, Tysons is home to a number of corporate headquarters including Capital One, Hilton Worldwide, Exelis, MicroStrategy and USA Today.

Wolf Trap National Park

Located near Vienna, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts is a national park located in Fairfax County, Virginia. The park makes up 117 acres and serves as both a natural resource as well as a cultural one. Wolf Trap was the first National Park for the Performing Arts, established in 1966. During late summer and early fall, the Wolf Trap Foundation puts on performances at the Filene Center, located within the park. In addition, performances are held at The Barns throughout the year. The foundation also hosts the Wolf Trap Opera Company, a group designed for young and up-and-coming opera singers.

In addition to the Filene center, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts also features the Children’s Theater in the Woods, which holds family friendly presentations performances at the end of the summer for young children. Theater in the Woods was once featured in the Washingtonian as “Best Summer Ever If You’ve Got Little Ones.” In addition to the performing arts presentations, the park is also a site of natural beauty, and a great opportunity for residents of Vienna to get out and reconnect with nature.