Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, Aldie is an historic community that has exploded with growth and development in recent years. Situated between Chantilly and Middleburg, Aldie serves as the gateway to Loudoun Valley. Today, it is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Washington DC metropolitan area, as well as the second fastest growing community in all of Virginia. President James Monroe established his private residence in Aldie, making him the community’s most famous resident.

Much of eastern Aldie has grown rapidly as a result of the explosive growth the community has seen. Many of the residents in eastern Aldie are upscale, recently built homes. In fact, this area has recently been regarded as one of the top ten new communities in the country.

Meanwhile, the Aldie Hills area, as well as the historic village of Aldie, have been able to preserve their old world charm and aesthetic. This provides residents of Aldie with a refreshing blend of old and new in their day to day lives. Whether they want modern accommodations or an old world, pastoral environment, there’s something in Aldie for all walks of life.

Treasures On The Turnpike

Aldie offers residents a number of activities throughout the year to help them get out and embrace their local Virginia community. One such activity is their annual Treasures On The Turnpike celebration, an award winning flea market that takes place every May, which spans the entire distance of the village. Aldie also hosts the annual Harvest Festival in October.

There are 3 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Aldie.The first is the Aldie Mill Historic District. It is one of the best preserved mills to date, having remained largely unchanged since its construction in 1804. The historic district also includes a number of historic buildings that have also been preserved over time.

The Loudoun Agricultural and Mechanical Institute, also known as Institute Farm, is another of the historic places in Aldie, Virginia. The Institute Farm was one of the first US institutions devoted to the study of agronomy, as well as the very first agricultural school in all of Virginia.

The final historic site in Aldie is the Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church, built in 1851. The church was a point of interest during the civil war, serving as a gathering point for Mosby’s Rangers, a hospital and even a prison. Both union and confederate soldiers are buried in the adjoining cemetery.

Gilbert’s Corner Regional Park

Gilbert’s Corner Regional Park, located in Aldie, Virginia, is situated next to Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church.The park offers 155 acres of historic, rolling countryside for residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy as they reconnect with nature. The park offers a number of trails for hiking, as well as a picturesque view of both the Bull Run Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gilbert’s Corner offers a number of interpretive trails, which allow for both walking and hiking while encouraging visitors to explore the land and seek to learn more about where various key historical moments took place.

The park has a deep rooted history that dates back to the Civil War. In fact, it’s part of the study area for the Battle of Aldi, a skirmish that took place in 1863. The area saw a lot of troop movement during the time around the battle and shortly after. One important person of note was Alexander G Davis, who lived in the area. He was too old for military service, but joined the Union as a civilian scout after being beaten for being a northerner. Residents of Aldie are encouraged to explore these areas for themselves and trace the history of these important moments throughout their trips.